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Farm Products & Services

Know Where Farms currently offers both food and fibre products.

Eggs, Chicken, and Turkey

Our chickens and turkeys are pasture raised and managed. Chicks and poults go onto pasture as soon as they are feathered enough for the weather. Our laying chickens live the majority of the year on the pastures with access to all kinds of plants and insects. During the worst of winter cold and snow they take over the our greenhouse to run, flap, and scratch around. We do not use antibiotics or hormones with any of our poultry.

Food products are currently available in person only. Please contact us for more information.

Sheep, Lamb, Fibre, and Yarn

Our sheep live outdoors all year on our pastures, in the sunlight, precipitation, and fresh air, with additional shelter provided depending on weather. We do not use hormones with our sheep. Our sheep are essentially grain-free, with lambs raised on pastures and hay. Medication is used only when needed for animal welfare purposes.

Our flock is predominantly Corriedale and Corriedale cross sheep with a small number of Ile de France and Ile de France cross. Corriedale sheep are known for their soft yet springy fibre that is ideal for socks and other garments. Ile de France sheep are a Merino descended breed that has become known for both maternal care and meat production.

Fibre and yarn are shipable. Please contact us for specific prices.

All fibre processing is currently done by That Darn Yarn Mill in Kamloops BC. 

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Please contact us for further infomation or to arrange an order. Please note, we are not currently set up with a cart on this website for purchasing.

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